Bringing the Stadium to Your Neighborhood Sports Bar

It's no shock that a true sports enthusiast has done all three - cheered on their favorite team at a stadium, viewed a game in the comfort of their own home and grabbed a beer at a sports bar while tuning in to the game. Now while we understand that everyone has their own preferences, It's no shocker that we believe cheering on your favorite team at your neighborhood sports bar is most definitely the best option!

Here's Why -

1. Save those Coins!

    Depending on the team playing or the time of the year, tickets to a game can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Nobody wants to stretch their budget for one game do they? Eating and drinking at a restaurant/sports bar like Drumz n' Flatz is considerably cost efficient compared to buying that ticket at the State Farm Arena or Mercedes Benz Stadium. Free entry + a few drinks + a meal can't even touch the bill at these places! 

    2. Never Miss A Play

    Let's face it… everyone gets a little hungry or thirsty during the game. But stepping away at any point may result in missing a huge play within just a few seconds. Now, at a sports bar not only are there screens all around the establishment, you don't even have to leave your seat to get what you want! That great customer service caters to you while you get to enjoy that game.

    3. Watch More Than One Game at a Time

    Do you have more than one team you're rooting for? Are you tired of watching your team get defeated?  No problem. Well…..that is only if you go to watch games at a trendy sports bar such as Drumz n' Flatz. All you need to do is to turn around or have a look elsewhere to witness another match unfolding. At a stadium, you are obviously a captive of the one match that's in front of you. Where's the fun in that? 

    4. Avoid Huge "RONA" Crowds

    Now we are still in a pandemic and it's no secret that people don't always want to stay masked up. Do you really want to face hundreds of people right now? A sports bar awards you the opportunity to watch the game with less noise, less crowds and even less germs than in a stadium. A stadium's capacity is a great deal more than our sports bar, and right now… nobody has time for that!

    See, doesn't visiting your neighborhood sports bar sound like the best choice? If you ask us, these 4 reasons would convince me to take my viewing pleasures down to Drumz n' Flatz!