Vegans Matter Too!

In recent years, there has been a major shift in health consciousness in the world. People of all backgrounds have made life-altering changes to be more mindful of what they put in their bodies. Because of this, becoming a vegan has become a popular phenomenon amongst more and more people. USA Today reported that nearly 50 percent of Americans are trying to cut down on meat, while approximately one-fifth of students are vegetarian, vegan, or trying to eat less meat. But if you take a deeper look…veganism is a lifestyle. 

To start —you must be able to clearly define what the diet is. Vegan diets exclude all foods produced by or derived from animals: meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and honey. In short, you can define veganism as a diet based entirely on plants. Even simpler, a vegan would essentially stay in the produce section of a grocery store making their grocery visit cheaper than most.

Although no diet can guarantee a life with no health complications, a vegan diet may lessen the chances of diseases by eliminating unhealthy food choices.  One of which is red meats, commonly linked to cancer.

Although we do serve traditional, non-vegan options at Drumz n' Flatz, we do support those living Vegan lifestyles. Our menu features vegan wings, vegan sausage, a delicious vegan burger, and even vegan dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even in our meat-obsessed world, we have found a way to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with great tasting food options. No one is left out at Drumz n' Flatz. Come in and try some of our alternative options today!